Bill Dos


As Government provides schools with computers, Bill Dos is therefore in support of the programme and therefore would like to propose as follows:

ü As per research, we found most of the rural school, town school they don’t have facility of fax to e-mail and internet, as Bill Dos we would like to commit on service to assist the schools.

ü The schools which are in rural areas we will supply the 3G, one computer, one printer (3-in-1) Internet and fax to e-mail, that include the training; scanning, e-mail and internet connection.

ü The schools which are situated in town we will consider to use the ADSL which ever landline applicable to the school, the cost monthly (R198.00 x 11) cost yearly R2 178.00. The ADSL line should be checked before installation/ or the school will automatically 3G option.

ü Bill Dos CC shall be available for a call out to the school when ever any of the service must be provided.

ü Installation of Antivirus program.

ü School which they will buy the computer from us, they will get fully covered on monitoring and component upgrading.

u We also sell used computers and laptops andother thing if you want a new computer you can come and make an order to us. If you do not know how to use the computer but you want to buy it you can buy it we provide free training.