Bill Dos

Bill Dos Overview

Bill Dos cc is a 100% black owned business enterprise.

The company is divided into 9 categories' namely: 
>   Computer Training Academy
>   Internet Cafe
>   PC repair or component repair
>   Sales and internet supply
>   Binding & printing e.g. t-shirt, mugs, caps and plates etc.

>  Our objectives is to assist in achieving the call if president of the country towards better life. Education is one of the main aspects in achieving that goal.
>   We want to reach and bring the previously disadvantaged communities to par and be lead to an exciting world of technology.
>   To encourage the youth to a number of technology related careers they could pursue in future.
>   Technology can be defined and experienced through, telephones, computers, cars, banking systems and many more. It is basically our way of life.


To expose learners to the world of technology
To increase technology awareness
To support learners and educators giving them a new approach to technology
To encourage learners to choose technical related careers i.e. Instrumentation (making robots, electrical doors etc....)
We travel to schools bringing service to the people and not vise versa
Future education may require all this skills and technology which will enable our generation to fit easily.